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Predict Plays, Crush Your Friends

Get in the game!

BenchBoss is a game you play on your mobile device while watching a game on TV. Make realtime predictions about each play and try to outscore friends and fans across the country.

We fantasy football

BenchBoss is not a replacement for your fantasy leagues. Set your lineups, then jump into BenchBoss and immerse yourself in your favorite games of the week.

"This is amazing."

J. Kirk
(not the Starfleet captain - a different one)

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Pass at the goal line

In BenchBoss you score points based on how well you predict the outcome of each play. Play conservatively with basic predictions (ANY PASS), or take risks with more detailed predictions (LONG PASS + TD).

Of course there's a downside to playing aggressively (Seahawk fans might agree). If any part of your prediction is wrong, you get nothing. Mark it zero!

Play in private or public

Have friends around the country? Share codes to play with them in private games, closed to the public.

No friends? That's fine; sometimes it's better to beat up on unsuspecting strangers. Join public groups of 20 players if you just want to dive right in. You'll be matched with others who joined at the same time so nobody has a point advantage.

(actual cards not cardboard; or from Panini)

Use player cards for bonuses

Use player cards to set a starting lineup at the beginning of each quarter. Earn bonus points when your players make plays that you predict.

Random packs of player cards are awarded for all sorts of things, like winning (crumbly gum not included). More player cards gives you more options when choosing your starting lineup.

It's free, as in beer

You can play BenchBoss anywhere. Your living room. The Man Cave. The sports bar. While pretending to listen to someone you love.

Best of all, it's free. Download BenchBoss today!

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