How To Play BenchBoss

  1. Choose a game to play and synchronize with your TV
  2. Make basic or detailed predictions for each play before you see it on TV
  3. Score points on the correct parts of your prediction
  4. Use player cards from your collection to earn bonuses on correct predictions
  5. Kick everyone's ass and bask in the glory of victory

Predict, score & win

Offensive prediction options

In BenchBoss, you compete against other players watching the same NFL game across the country (and world).  The object is to score the most points by the end of the game by making predictions about the type and/or outcome of each play.  Your predictions must be made before each play starts on the TV or monitor you are watching.

Most plays will give you a variety of prediction options, each with different assigned scores.  On offensive plays you can predict any or all of the following:

The more detailed your prediction (i.e. "long pass + touchdown" instead of "any pass") the greater the potential reward, but also the greater the risk of being wrong.  You will only score points for the part of your prediction that was correct, so predicting LONG PASS on every play will occasionally be correct, but you'll miss out on lots of easier opportunities to score fewer points.

You can make predictions for every play of the game. There are prediction options for:

Click here to learn more about the BenchBoss scoring system.

Play (almost) anywhere you can watch

BenchBoss works with most initial-run broadcast NFL games, including streaming.  BenchBoss does not work with radio broadcasts, or if you are watching the game live in the stadium. Otherwise, if you can watch it, you can play it.

When you login to BenchBoss you can see the upcoming schedule of games that will be supported.  Select the one you'd like to join, synchronize your phone with the TV you're watching and then start playing.  It's just that easy.

Compete against friends & fans

There are currently two ways to play BenchBoss: with a private group of friends, or with a public group of randomly selected players.

Private groups

If you want to play with a group of your friends, either use one of your friends group code, or share your group code with others.  All players who join using the same group code will be competing in the same game.

If you join a private group and the game you're playing is already in progress, you may be at a point disadvantage if the other players have already joined and started playing (and accumulating points).

Public groups

If you join a public group you will be added to a group of up to 20 other players who each joined the game at similar times.  This way you can start playing a game already in progress without being at a disadvantage to the other players in your public group.

Collect & use player cards

Sample player cards

When you play BenchBoss you will be rewarded with packs of random player cards.  These cards can be used while you play to earn bonuses when those players contribute on plays you successfully predict.

You can earn and use player cards from each of the following positions:

When you join a game, and at the start of each period, you may choose up to 3 player cards from your collection.  Each time you make a correct prediction and one of these chosen players was involved in the play, you receive bonus points.

Click here to learn more about player cards.

BenchBoss does not replace your fantasy leagues

We love fantasy football, and designed BenchBoss specifically to fill the void created once your roster is set and the games start each week.  Set your lineups, settle in to your favorite game and play the only game with decisions to make on each and every play.

Our belief is that there is incredible football knowledge outside the NFL.  Just like Bill James, the MLB outsider that ended up having a huge impact on the way baseball teams are built and managed, we believe there is more collective intellect outside football than there is on the inside.

BenchBoss is our way of exposing this talent by letting "regular fans" match wits with the coaches and players on the field.  To be successful in BenchBoss means that you must think fast and understand the game as well as those who are paid to do it.